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  • 09江西專升本單選題試題以及答案 - 下載本文


    Vocabulary and Structure

    1-3 D A B 4.until 5.D 6-10 D D D A B 11-15 B B D A A 16-20 C B B A D 21-25 B C A / B 26-30 D A C C A 31-32 A D

    33.Although或Though 34-35. C C 36-40. A A D B D

    Fart III (20 minutes)

    1. The course is so difficult that is certainly the reach of beginners. A) out C) through B)in D) beyond 選D. beyond表示:超出……之外,非……所能及

    beyond the reach/ability of sb:超出某人的能力之外

    2. Being short of food and fuel, we are with a very difficult situation. A) faced C) caught B) managed D) handled 選A. be faced with為固定搭配.表示\面臨,面對\

    3. By the end of last month, we on this project for more than 6 weeks. A) have worked C)are working B) had worked D) will work

    選B. by the end of + 過去的時間點 根據這個時間狀語可知,這里該用過去完成時。

    4. He didn't realize he had left files in his customer's office he went back to the company.

    A) what C) unless B)which D) who


    5. I don't know will make the final decision for our summer trip. A) what C) whom B) which D) who

    選D. know后面接了個賓語從句,而從句缺少主語。\誰做決定\,是由人作主語,排除A和B。whom在從句中作賓語,而who既能作從句主語,有時也能代替whom。故選D。

    6. It was a difficult time, but eventually things all right. A) set down C) broke off B) made for D) turned out 選D. turn out:結果……,……地發生(或發展) e.g.Everything turned out well. 結果一切都順利。

    7. My secretary will call you to arrange a time to meet. A) nearby C)modest B) sufficient D)convenient 選D. convenient表示\方便的,便利的\ 其他選項的意思和句子不符。

    8. My secretary will call you to arrange a time to meet. A) nearby C) modest B) sufficient D) convenient 同7

    9. What the doctor advises me to do is I must keep taking a well-balanced diet and regular exercises.

    A) that C)which B) whether D) what 選A. 呵呵,這個不知道怎么說……

    10. Space scientists had to adopt a whole new to design and construction. A) position C) policy B) approach D) law

    選B. approach:方式,方法,態度 an approach to sth:解決……的方法 position:觀點,立場,態度 a position on sth:對某事的觀點,態度 C和D詞意不符。

    11. Finally, the manager and accepted our arrangement for the meeting. A) put out C) turned off B) gave in D) law

    選B。 put out:熄滅,撲滅;生產,制造;出版,公布 give in:讓步,勉強同意;投降 turn off:關掉(電,水,煤氣等)

    12. In his speech he gave advice to was interested in the field of computer science.

    A) that C) whoever B) whom D) whose

    選B. 他在他的演講中給了那些對計算機科學感興趣的人一些建議。 to為介詞,后面接賓語。假若C改為whomever的話,也可以選。

    13. Given that the world has never been more interconnected, it is essential that we together because we re in this crisis bog ether. A) will work C) are working B) whom D) work 選D. 虛擬語氣。

    It's + adj./過去分詞/抽象名詞 + that + …… + (should)do . e.g.It was necessary that I (should) help him.

    It's important that we (should) learn English well.

    14. The rewards you get in this job are in to the effort you put in. A) response C) are working B) direction D) addition 選A. in response to: 響應,回應 in addition to: 除……之外

    15. Business organizations, political organizations, social organizations, all find important to advertise in order to influence public opinion. A) it C) as B) that D) which

    選A. it在這里為形式賓語,真正的賓語為:to advertise in order to influence public opinion

    16. A poll, conducted by a Miami-based public opinion research and consulting firm, shows that Obama is popular Cuban-Americans. A) for C) with B) to D) in

    選C. 固定搭配. be popular with sb:受……喜愛的,受……歡迎的

    17. Sometimes this understanding may lead to more practical solutions. A) worked C) cut B) shared D) joined

    選B. shared understanding 表示\共同的理解,同樣的看法\

    18. The management regrets you that your contract will not be renewed next month. A) informing C) inform B) to inform D) informed

    選B. 管理部門很遺憾地通知你,下個月你的合同將不會被續簽(你和公司的合同將到這個月為止)。 to regret doing sth:后悔做過某事,即某事已經發生了 to regret to do: 對做某事感到遺憾

    19. I explained on the phone, you request will be considered at the next meeting. A) As C) Which

    B) That D) What 選A. as:正如,如同

    20. Further technical of this kind will only lead to increases in production cost. A) cases C) treatment B) ways D) measures

    選D. measures是\為達到一定目的為采取的比較正式的措施、方法\ ways為\做某事的方法,方式,手段\

    21. The mountains prove to be a tourist attraction as some of the mountains experience alpine (高山的)conditions, leads to ski resorts. A) who C) it B) which D) that 選B. who用來代人或擬人化的事物,排除。



    22. Seldom my manager in such good mood since I worked in this company. A) do I see C) have I seen B) worries D) attends 選C. seldom為副詞,放在句首,后面的需倒裝

    since 表示\自從……以來\,與現在完成時或過去完成時連用。根據句意,我應該還在這家公司上班,所以用現在完成時。

    23.The rise in housing costs most young families. A) concerns C)benefit B) worries D)attends 選A. worry :側重對未知事態演變的憂慮。

    concern :作\關心\用時,是indifference(冷漠)的反義詞,側重對他人健康、安全等的關心,也可暗示對困難、危險或失敗等的憂慮 (這個不太確定……)

    24. This study examined social network characteristics associated with older adult's intentions to

    In social activities. 無選項

    25. It is reported that the plan is to keep most natural resources state control.

    A) within C)about B) under D)at

    選B. under + 名詞 + control= in the control of : 處于……的控制之下,被控制住 e.g.under enemy control 受控于敵人

    26. There'a(n) in our office that when it's someone's birthday, the person will bring in a cake for us all share.

    A) action C) manner B) action D) tradition 選D. action:行動,行為過程 manner:方式,方法;舉止,態度 tradition:傳統,傳統的做法

    27. He will go abroad to further his study next year he gets a scholarship or enough money.

    A) if C) till B) so D) although 選A. if:假若,如果,倘若 其他與句意不符

    28. We were standing 10 yards away from the scene of the crime and we didn't realize it.

    A) rather than C) no more than B) larger than D) other than 選C. rather than:而不是

    larger than life:更有趣的,更活躍的 no more than:不超過

    other than:除……之外;不,不同于

    29. We wish the economy stronger than ever so that everyone would be working. A) will become C) would become B) larger than D) became 選C. 虛擬語氣

    wish + that + did或were(對現在的愿望)/had done(對過去的愿望)/ would或could do(對將來的愿望)

    后面出項了would be working,推斷為將來時

    30. The meeting will give administrators a chance to respond the community's questions.

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